Posted December 25, 2013 at 02:01 am

This is one of the weaknesses of the AK.  On an AR type rifle, a released magazine simply drops free.  This can be done while your other hand is already bringing up the next magazine.  In such an instance mag changes take merely fractions of a second.  An AK mage change requires two hands, as the release must be hit with the thumb of the off hand while rocking the magazine forward and down.  Only after that pint can one reach for the replacement magazine, which must be then located and locked by again rocking it back into the mag well.  Worse, the charging handle is on the right side of the rifle, so at this point you must either hld the gun with your left hand, release the grip and charge it using your right hand, OR turn the whole gun over with your right hand still on the grip and charge it with your left hand.  This process can be shortened SLIGHTLY by doing a hot reload (swapping mags while one round is left in the chamber), but this is nearly impossible to do with any sort of regularity when firing on full auto.  Just as well it takes a long time thouhg.  Firing mag after mag on full auto tends to turn your barel into molten slag anyway.    Thaty being said, the AK has a lot going for it.  I do like them. Just don't count on changing your mags with any sort of speed unless you're some sort of fast AK mag change quick shooter.

In short:  AK mag change = tiny pause. Maybe exploitable.  AR mag change (or frankly, most modern western style mage changes) = Pause so short you probably won't notice it, aka, not exploitable.

This is taking too long.  Maybe I should devote a video to the different type of mag change types...

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